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JFK Designs | Aviation T-shirts

Hi, I'm Kobey-Flynn
and I like to draw planes.

In January whilst holidaying in Sydney with my mother, I wanted to purchase an aeroplane T-shirt. We looked everywhere but unfortunately there were none to be found. After a quick discussion with my mother on Sydney Harbour, we decided to start a business making what we couldn't find – aviation T-shirts.

We're aiming for the goal of having our shirts available in all airports, so that everybody that wants an aviation T-shirt won't be left wanting.

We like to keep our shirts fun and stylish.


We would like all travellers to have fun with travel and embrace it; the confusion, the endless line ups, delays; forget about that. When looking at KFJ Designs, remember that not only is anything possible, but fun too. Just look at it from a child's eyes and just enjoy every minute of your life.

Kobey-flynn Joseph


What Plane do You Like the Most?